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Rose Gardens Rent A Car

Our company is functional since 1995. Now the car is started from 4 to 50 filomouza closest vehicle to provide services. appropriate to each individual family vehicle, or fleet car for nature lovers for 4 * 4 or 7 seater vehicles have large families. All vehicles are fully insured car hire anyone over the age of 25. There is no charge for the transfer of Airports extradan Ercan Ercan airport will only fuel the vehicle placed and the customer will be charged for the bill. AIRPORT Larnaca and Paphos is an extra cost of transfers can learn how to reach us ...

  • ulasimThe Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus can be reached by air and by sea. You may choose the most convenient way for you. Although there are no direct flights to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, travelling to the northern part of the island is no longer a problem. Cyprus Turkish Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Atlas Jetand Pegasus Airlines provide scheduled flights to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus from all international airports worldwide via Turkey. Besides, there are charter flights to Turkish Cyprus.

  • DSC 0800Northern Cyprus hosts over 1600 plant specia of which 22 are endemic, 350 species of birds, of which 7 are endemic, and 26 different species of reptile and amphibia. The two main reasons for this amazing diversity are, firstly, that

    Cyprus was not affected by the last ice-age (which wiped out many species from areas further north), and secondly, that Cyprus forms a resting and nesting station for birds migrating between Africa and Eastern Europe.

    Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus has an intense Mediterranean climate with the typical seasonal rhythms strongly marked in respect of temperature, rainfall and weather generally. Hot, dry summers from mid-May to mid-October and rainy, rather changeable winters from mid-November to mid-March are separated by short autumn and spring seasons of rapid change in weather conditions.

  • hades salamis - mgokThe Island has been occupied by a succession of peoples from Europe and Asia. In the 8th century BC it was a part of the Assyrian empire, then the Babylonian, Egyptian and Persian. In 58 BC  the island was seized by the Romans. Richard the Lionheart settled on the island in 1191 during the third Crusade and, after selling it to the Knights Templar permitted Guy de Lusignan to buy the island. Cyprus remained in Lusignan possession until captured by the Venetians in 1489.

  • ekmek kaday f

    Cypriot cuisine has been influenced by different cultures throuhout history. Therefore there isn' t any dish, which we would call ‘ Cypriot ' only. However with little variations from their originals Cypriots have developed quite tasty dishes. Each dish has a peculiar taste and cooking and presentation reflects the character of the people of Cyprus. ‘ Molhiya ' Arab in origin, has developed completely, appealing to Cypriot tasta both in preparation, taste and presentation. Some dishes even vary from region to region in name, preparation and taste. North Cyprus is fascinating and appealing to people who eat well and enjoy eating. A great variety of vegetable dishes, grills, pastry, fish, soups, kebabs, lahmacun, pides are to name but a few. A big list of mezes, sweets, cakes, eaten either as starters or as afters can be named. In addition to local cuisine Chinese, Italian, French and Indian foods are well represented in various restaurants.